Website traffic

Our optimization of Bistro21’s website led to a notable 230% increase in traffic. We improved user experience with a responsive design, enhanced load speed, and a streamlined online reservation system. Alongside this, we used SEO-friendly, engaging content, and promoted the website across various digital platforms. These combined efforts improved brand visibility, increased user engagement, and directly contributed to a rise in online reservations.

About Bistro21

Bistro21, a local fine-dining restaurant renowned for its exquisite cuisine, aimed to enhance their online presence and increase online bookings.

The challenge

Despite the high acclaim for their food and ambiance, Bistro21 struggled to translate this reputation into a strong online presence. Their website was underperforming, social media engagement was low, and they weren’t fully utilizing the potential of online reservations.

Esteemed digital marketing solutions

After a thorough analysis of Bistro21’s digital landscape, we designed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. This included website optimization, social media marketing, a Google My Business listing, and an SEO strategy.

For Bistro21, we put together a robust digital strategy that includes:

We redesigned Bistro21’s website with a focus on user experience, aesthetic appeal, and ease of online bookings.

We revitalized their social media profiles, sharing stunning food photography, behind-the-scenes insights, and customer testimonials.

We optimized the website and content for local SEO, focusing on keywords related to fine dining and local cuisine in the restaurant’s location.

+230 %

Website traffic

+300 %

Social media


Due to local SEO efforts, Bistro21 began appearing in the top three search results for fine dining in their locality.

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